Meet the Team

Shelby McClurg – Accounts Receivable

Shelby is our resident firecracker, she is always upbeat and smiling and we would be lost without her. She became a part of our Lealta family in April of 2010 and it’s been a wonderful ten years having her here. She is responsible for our Accounts Receivable and is a well-organized machine! She is also our Health and Safety Representative and makes sure no one does any wheelies in the forklift, forgets their safety vest and the million other aspects of keeping us safe. Shelby helps out in every corner of Lealta, from paint mixing to assisting Laurie with paperwork. If you are looking to start an account with us for your renovation or build, then stop in her office, she will be happy to set you up! She is a big part of making Lealta what it is, when you have great people working together like we do here, you end up delivering the best quality of service possible. So next time you have a building project in mind, come on over and speak with Shelby about setting up an account. And let us help out with estimates, products, advice and we can build your dream together.


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